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Bering Watch Classic Silver Polished 10126-307
Bering Watch Classic Silver Polished 10126-307
Bering Watch Silver Polished Pebble 18034-307
Bering Watch Silver Polished Pebble 18034-307
Bering Watch Solar Grey Brushed 14440-007
Bering Bering Watch Solar Grey Brushed 14440-007
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Vestiging Hengelo is verhuisd! Vestiging Hengelo is verhuisd!

Vestiging Hengelo is verhuisd!

Afbeelding Opening op 30 september!
Our Hengelo branch has moved to Brinkstraat 16A in Hengelo (former D-reizen premises). This new location is at a great spot in the city centre on the corner of the Markt opposite Van Uffelen. The market is currently being completely redesigned.
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Afbeelding Branch offices in Hengelo and Enschede
Welcome to the webshop of De Blaker exclusief in Hengelo and Enschede. Most of the products we sell in our shops can also be ordered easily and conveniently online. Online sales are increasing, but we find it very important to have personal contact. This is possible in our shop, where we can provide you with good advice, but we also like to continue this in our webshop. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about sizes or a product. We will be happy to help you further!
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Montana Furniture with 20% Discount!

MONTANA DISCOUNT ACTION | 20% DISCOUNT ON SELECTED MODELS It is finally here. Now you can buy Montana furniture with discount for a whole month! From the 1st of March till the 4th of April you can enjoy a 20% discount on the purchase of any piece of Montana furniture. Montana makes design furniture of the highest quality with stylish Scandinavian design, and now you can do so at an attractive price. We have been selling this cabinet system for a long time and often tell our customers that you buy it for life. It will always remain beautiful. Moreover, you can order the furniture on a plinth, feet or wheels, but you can also hang it on the wall. So if after a while you find another place more beautiful, you can easily move it. WHY MONTANA FURNITURE? The question of why you should buy Montana furniture is easy to answer. They are beautiful furniture that can be ordered in a versatile and colourful way, but more about that later. The fact that there is now a 20% discount on the Montana Save, Montana Pair and Montana Couple makes it even more fun to buy such a furniture system. Our experience with this Danish furniture brand is very positive. We see that Montana is working tirelessly to improve its cabinets, both in terms of the quality of the furniture itself and its environmental impact. For instance, they have been using MDF with an EU Ecolabel for a long time now. Moreover, only water-based colours are used that do not smell or contain solvents. Montana furniture is therefore not only good for your interior, but also has the smallest possible impact on nature. WHAT FURNITURE IS INCLUDED IN THE DISCOUNT AND WHAT ARE THE POSSIBILITIES? The discount applies to 3 pieces of Montana furniture, namely COUPLE , PAIR and SAVE . The cabinet system can be composed in no less than 40 fresh colours. Depths and variations of doors and shelves are fixed and cannot be changed. The Couple consists of two side-by-side cabinets with a total of two high and two low doors, a shelf and two drawers. The dimensions are HxWxD 69.6 x 193.2 x 38 cm. The other unit is called the Pair and offers a closed and an open cabinet. One cabinet is closed by two sliding doors and the open section is divided into four parts by partitions. The dimensions are HxWxD 69.6 x 139.2 x 38 cm. Finally, there is the Save. This lower unit has 3 sections closed by doors, the open section is further characterised by a transverse shelf. The dimensions are HxWxD 48 x 139.2 x 38 cm. All cabinets can be mounted on legs, a plinth or on the wall. Wheels are also possible, this only applies to the Couple and Pair. MONTANA FURNITURE IN ENSCHEDE If, after reading this blog, you're interested in buying Montana furniture at a discount, we'd love to see you in our showroom in Enschede. Here we can provide you with information. We also have a lot of cabinets, so you can get a feeling with the shape, colour or division of your furniture. CONCLUSION If you are interested in a cabinet with pure Scandinavian design, take advantage of the Danish Montana furniture . They are from the 1st of March till the 4th of April with 20% discount. So don't wait too long and visit us in Enschede or order it in our webshop. We look forward to seeing you in our store in Enschede! Team De Blaker

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The character of the Louis Poulsen outdoor lamp explained

LOUIS POULSEN OUTDOOR LAMPS WITH CHARACTER In the dark days of winter, you'll want to have a well-lit garden at home, and when the first rays of sunshine break through in the summer, everyone wants to sit in the sun again and enjoy long evenings. That's why we think your garden should be put in the spotlight as well. That's why we have a large collection of Louis Poulsen outdoor lighting online , as well as in our store in Enschede. What makes this Scandinavian lighting brand stand out is the fact that, right from the start, they optimise the design of the luminaire to suit the light source. In addition, professional materials and seals are used to achieve a high IP rating, ensuring an always-functioning outdoor lamp that remains beautiful for a very long time. NOT ONLY AESTHETICALLY PLEASING BUT ALSO A TECHNICAL MASTERPIECE People often only see the appearance of a lamp and choose it accordingly. What people often don't know is that cheap outdoor lamps often have poor weather resistance and break down over time. Louis Poulsen outdoor lighting has done extensive research into this and has developed its own technology, which, for example, allows you to connect up to six lamps with the Flindt bollards using a plug-and-play system, without water getting into the plugs. But that's not all, because if water gets into the bulb itself, it will no longer work. That's why when you take them out of the box you can see the measures that the Scandinavian lamp brand has taken to prevent water from getting in somehow. Simple things that a child could think of, such as placing high-quality rubber seals where the wall bracket and the outdoor lamp meet, set Louis Poulsen apart from the average outdoor lamp. And we're only talking about the water resistance, when we look at light sources this Scandinavian lighting brand also switches to fully integrated LED lighting. This means that the designer has much more freedom of movement for the design, as there is no need to screw in a large lamp. "What people often don't know is that cheap outdoor lamps often have poor weather resistance and break down over time." LOUIS POULSEN BOLLARDS FOR THE GARDEN There are two types of Louis Poulsen lamps that you can place in your garden. There is the bollard, also known as the plinth lamp. This type of floor lamp can be placed next to your house or along a garden path. It will also look great next to your pond. The Louis Poulsen bolder often comes from a specific design series that also has a matching wall lamp. A set of these lamps will give your home character and atmosphere. You can also buy a Bysted and Flindt plinth lamp in different sizes, while the Toldbod and PH 3/2.5 have a fixed height. What you can choose from is the colour, for example, the special corten colour is now available on most bollard/locker lamps. This colour is derived from corten steel, which has a rusty appearance, but is just as strong as stainless steel. Fortunately, Louis Poulsen pedestal lamps are made of aluminium, so rust is not a problem in any case. LUXURY LOUIS POULSEN WALL LAMPS FOR OUTDOORS A Louis Poulsen wall lamp at the front door so that people can find the entrance. Or a series of wall lamps at the side of the house, so that the path to the garden is beautifully lit is a good idea. De Blaker offers a wide range of Scandinavian outdoor wall lights, so first you have to make a choice of design. This is easier said than done, so we have more than 40 lamps at our store in Enschede, so you can always buy the right outdoor lamp. You can also see the variants that the lamp brand has to offer, for example with the Toldbod , AJ 50 and Flindt wall lamp you can choose from two or three colours. If you really want to have a unique experience then you should go for the PH Wand or Nyhavn . These copper outdoor lamps have an untreated copper surface, which will give them their own character over time. The colour will then change from a new copper colour to the well-known patina copper colour. The same applies to the Louis Poulsen Albertslund which you can buy with a galvanised body that will turn matt over time, just like galvanised steel. CONCLUSION When looking for a new outdoor lamp or new outdoor lighting, you should definitely consider Louis Poulsen . The Scandinavian lamp brand is certainly not a small player and is therefore also for sale at the De Blaker outlet in Enschede. Our webshop is our catalogue where you can see all the lamps we supply. We look forward to seeing you in our store in Enschede! Team De Blaker

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Cini & Nils Gradi, Lamps with character

CINI & NILS GRADI, A TIMELESS AND UNIVERSAL DESIGN I would like to say a few words about Italian lamp brand Cini & Nils that raises the standard for designer lighting to a new level. Whether it's the design or the durable materials, everything this brand makes is timeless. For example, today I am highlighting the Cini & Nils Gradi family . This model has been on sale in various versions since 1990 and it still hasn't aged. From a Gradi wall lamp with or without a stem, to a Gradi ceiling lamp and a Gradi floor lamp. All this is designed and made in-house in Italy. As far as we're concerned, Cini & Nils may continue to surprise us with new and existing models for years to come. WHAT GRADI LAMPS CAN I CHOOSE FROM? Throughout the years Cini & Nils has expanded its Gradi lamp collection with wall lamps: Gradiparete, Gradiminiparete, Microgradiparete and the Gradiparete con Stelo. Each lamp serves its own purpose. The first wall lamp, for instance, stands on a stem, so that it is somewhat further away from the wall. This while the Gradiminiparete stands directly on the wall, just like Microgradiparete. A special lamp that requires a little more attention is the Gradiparete con Stelo. This wall lamp on a stem solves the problem that many people do not have the luxury of rearranging their space and placing a power point at the height of a normal wall lamp. The fact that Cini & Nils has thought of you and at the same time made a successful design of it is clever. For a ceiling lamp, you have to be the Gradisoffitto or Gradiminisoffitto. These pendant lamps are ideal for illuminating art or a bookcase, for example, and at the same time you do not look directly into the bright light source because of the part of the reflector that blocks the light. The Graditerra is simply an ideal floor lamp that you can place literally anywhere. You won't have any problems with power points that may not be in the right place in the wall either, as the cord is long enough. There is also a foot switch in the cord. "A special lamp that requires a little more attention is the Gradiparete con Stelo. This wall lamp on a stem solves the problem that many people don't have the luxury of redecorating their space and being able to place a power point at the height of a normal wall lamp."   UNIQUE FEATURES OF CINI & NILS GRADI LAMPS The Cini & Nils Gradi lamps have a unique feature that allows you to control the light beam. If you want direct light, make sure the reflector is in the opposite direction. If, on the other hand, you want to use the walls around you to illuminate the interior, use the reflector to direct the light beam towards the wall. This so-called reflector is built into the borosilicate glass through heat-resistant enamels. These enamels are spread over half of the glass and contain a design pattern. THIS IS HOW CINI & NILS ACHIEVES ITS HIGH QUALITY STANDARD I think everyone knows examples of brands that have some catching up to do when it comes to quality. This is not the case with Cini & Nils Gradi lighting. The story starts with the use of durable materials, such as steel in different finishes and borosilicate glass with multiple enamels. Cooperation with the best Italian craftsmen and ultra-modern machines and 50 years of experience result in a quality product. The finishing is done by hand and in the end there is a strict quality control that you would not expect from an average Italian. Let me put it this way: we have never had a comment from a customer about a received lamp, so I think that says it all. Finally, Cini & Nils increasingly chooses durable integrated dimmable LED lighting. This is also the case with the Gradiminiparete wall lamp and Gradiminisoffitto. "Let me put it this way: we have never had a comment from a customer about a lamp we received, so I think that says it all."   CINI & NILS OUTLET IN ENSCHEDE In our store in Enschede we have a large collection of Cini & Nils Gradi lamps hanging and standing. So come along soon and admire the beautiful versions of the ceiling lamp, wall lamp or floor lamp. If you find it difficult to make an image of a certain lamp, come along, our enthusiastic staff will tell you all about it. CONCLUSION Are you looking for a design lamp with unique design from Italy to illuminate your interior, look no further and see all the Cini & Nils lamps that we have hanging and standing. The lighting is durable and guaranteed to look great in your living room, bedroom or anywhere else. We look forward to seeing you in our store in Enschede or in our webshop! Team De Blaker

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