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Glass studio Borowski Froggy, Frog green

Glass studio Borowski Froggy, Frog green with orange stripes. Outdoor objects Borowski illuminated.  Lees meer..

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  • Omschrijving
    Glass studio Borowski Froggy, Frog green with orange stripes

    Because maybe the cute FROGGY will turn into a prince and that would be a shame! FROGGY's body size is not as handsome as FROG's, but it is perfectly round. The stripe in contrasting colours emphasises the dimensions and is a clearly visible sign of each frog's individuality. Because even this massive glass body is hand-blown - in the Borowski way - perfect craftsmanship. The hot glass body is twisted and suspended from the glass pipe so that a glowing glass wire can be evenly placed around it like a coloured strip. The physically challenging production is not seen in the cheerful chaps as they shine in your garden or on your balcony.


    Every outdoor space gains quality from light, as its brightness creates a sense of security and spreads an atmospheric atmosphere.
    Developed as outdoor sculptures, our light objects withstand the influences of weather and wind all year round without any problems. Of course, they can also be used indoors.


    Give your favourite spot in the garden or on the balcony a magical touch! Whether a cheerful eye-catcher in your flower beds, a striking art object on your lawn or imaginative and original in the branches of a tree or on the wall of your house... there are no limits to your creativity. In summer, they invite you to linger with their atmospheric light. In winter, they are resistant to frost and darkness, and with their strong colours and warm light they create a good mood.

    The light objects come with 6 metres of outdoor cable.

    The lights are included in the delivery.


    Height: 48 cm Width: 40 cm Depth: 36 cm Colours: green with orange stripes Materials: hand-blown glass, steel Collection: Outdoor Objects, suitable for outdoors Handmade production, each glass object is unique


    OUTDOOR OBJECTS' friendly creatures and characters provide encounters of the fabulous kind in gardens and parks. Chameleon, Bird, Armadillo and all the others appear as if from another world - and they bring a bit of their world into ours. OUTDOOR OBJECTS establish a wonderful connection with their surroundings - and invite their owners to smile and dream. You can expect individual, cheerful guests to give your favourite outdoor spot a very special magic.
    OUTDOOR OBJECTS are weatherproof and can stay outside all year round. They are all carefully handmade and mouth-blown art objects.


    When attaching your object, make sure that it stands firmly and does not wobble or tilt in the wind or due to knocks. Use the fixing lugs provided at the factory for this purpose. Position your object so that it is safe from stone chips or falling or breaking branches. Remember that objects are very heavy due to their quality and protruding parts (e.g. beaks, eyes, ears, tails, crowns) are not suitable as handles.


    In mouth-blown and traditionally handmade glass items, minor deviations in colour and shape may occur, which are unavoidable for production reasons. Air inclusions in the glass are a sign of the handmade goods and should not be considered a defect. There may be a few centimetres deviation in size specifications.
  • Product features
    Product information Art:
    Category of statue: Animal Statues
    Type: Bird / Insect / Amphibian
    Suitable for: Indoor and outdoor
    Height: 41 cm - 60 cm
    Built-in lighting: Yes
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